We all exist in a new media paradigm. Brands never had as many ways to reach an audience, yet find it more difficult to make a true connection. The audience is more averse to advertising than ever before. They don’t want to be sold to, they want to be entertained. The irony of it all is they hate advertising, but they love brands. They are empowered to amplify your brand in ways that carry more value than what you could have ever bought off a rate card.

So what’s it going to take to earn your audience’s attention and keep it? Great stories. Authentic, relevant, entertaining, and inspiring ones that share your brand’s essence in ways your audience can relate to. Let’s drop a little science here. It’s been determined by people in white lab coats, holding clipboards, that when you present people with facts, data, features and benefits—however compelling—they just don’t act on them. 

Hell, nowadays we practically live in a “fact free” world anyway. But, when you share the same information through powerful stories that people can identify with, they will not only remember but will react, retweet, repost, repurpose, like, share, and magnify your brand story to anyone and everyone who will listen and watch.

So, you need to find your stories. And you need great storytellers to bring them to life.

Everyone at Merit/Andrew has a passionate belief that brands have it within them to produce content as captivating as anything coming out of Hollywood—and we can create that with you. Whether it’s an idea for a TV show, music video, short film, TV spot, or anything else that can tell your story to your audience, our creators live and die by our studio motto—Narrare Fabula—the Latin term meaning “to tell the story”.