Make Monday Your B***h

November 30, 2016By Merit/AndrewProductivity

If you want a great start to the week, try these 5 things on Sunday: 1.)   Spend one hour organizing the week ahead. Catch-up on email and prep the calendar so that you can begin the week creating and reacting. 2.)   Spend the next hour taking stock (or meditating). Find your happy place. Take this … Read More

Fear NOT

October 12, 2016By Merit/AndrewBusiness

Fear is not an emotion or a feeling, it is an autonomous mechanism that has evolved in us over millions of years to aid in our safety and survival. While a necessary mechanism, it is the single most destructive thing in the creative business. We’ve seen a trend of mitigating risk in our business like … Read More

Get Sorted Out (GSO)

October 1, 2016By Merit/AndrewCreativity

While we have a number of original projects in the incubator, GSO, is our pet project that we do for no real reason outside of fulfilling that little void. It’s a scratch that must be itched. Here we can make fun of our industry and ourselves. Our goal with the series is to take a subject … Read More