Case Study

The Challenge

Bosch was relaunching their entire website and needed 20 new product videos, rooted in a sense of place. The previous content was a disparate mix of videos and stills, with no visual or thematic continuity. So we needed to build everything from scratch. And it needed to be done quickly and affordably. This was quite unlike most clients who want things done slowly and extravagantly, but hey, we were game.

The Creative

In a battle fit for the ages, we pit real-life modular kitchens against CG kitchens during the concepting phase. Who would stand victorious in the fight for product video supremacy? It got ugly for a while. Then, it got really, really beautiful. With our CG designs ultimately winning the day.

CG was not only more efficient, but it allowed us to create products and kitchens that could be easily modified in the future. We also weren’t encumbered by the limitations of cameras/lenses, allowing us to really dive into the products to show key features/benefits. The only challenge would be to show food in an interesting and organic way. A fairly easy solve with the right editing and animation style.

We initially worked to establish a look/feel that we could employ across all 20 product videos. The goal was to quickly get the key benefits across in a natural/fluid way, balancing information and inspiration.

We worked with the B/S/H design team to design four kitchens based on the different types of product categories. Meanwhile, our animation team was creating the products from CAD files provided. We filmed the various food scenes over 3 days in the Bosch showroom in Irvine, CA.

During production we worked with the Bosch team to create hi-res still imagery, as well. In the end, we delivered 20 product videos, plus versions for various channels, and almost 30 hi-res stills.

The Response

All assets were delivered to Bosch and their digital partners for placement and promotion. Everyone was pleased. Sometimes we don’t get all of the specific data on results. But we’re okay with that as long as we know the work helped move the needle for our clients.