Text Ed

Alcone Marketing Group (now The Marketing Arm) and LG had Jane Lynch signed for a PSA targeted at parents warning about the possible dangers of teen texting. The client envisioned Jane Lynch speaking to camera on a white cyc. But, we were thinking we could do better. 

A few late night creative sessions with the Alcone team and we had it. Jane Lynch gets arrested. She’s a serial text offender. Her community service is to teach parents the perils and pitfalls of teen texting. But will the client buy off on such a departure? Yep. The idea was too good. A teaser, five webisodes, six short vignettes for social, and a litany of still images later, we had a targeted and comprehensive campaign. The idea of Jane “being arrested” was a PR coup with Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood leaking the story. National news outlets, including USA Today and the LA Times ran stories with headlines like “Jane Lynch Arrested!”. The campaign won a National Gold ADDY for “Best PSA” and “Best Social Media Campaign” and “Best Use of Digital Video in a Web Campaign” by IMA.

Pocket Rob

LG was about to launch their new entry-level smartphone, the Optimus T, and T-Mobile wanted them to create some simple tutorials for consumers.  Enter Pocket Rob.  With Rob Riggle as our “host” we sat down with the creative team at Alcone Marketing Group and came up with a concept that would connect with our younger audience and give them the information they need to get started on the Optimus T.  

Pocket Rob was born based on the premise that Rob would live inside every phone and be available to help whenever beckoned. We produced a trailer and five tutorials, along with some additional social fodder. These video tutorials shipped on 600k phones. Our work won a Silver ADDY and an Award of Excellence for “Use of Humor” at the 17th Annual Communicator Awards.