Case Study

The Challenge

It all started when Quiznos was seeking a creative partner to help launch a Limited Time Offer (LTO) for their new gyro, gyro flatbread, and Greek salad. The Greek category was new for Quiznos, they needed a variety of assets for digital and social promotion, including a longer form backstory, a :30, :15s, and :06s.

The mandate was to stay on brand and “have fun”. So we did.


We created a primary character, Gyrocles, the god of Mythical Flavor. As the 2nd cousin (twice removed) from Zeus, his lineage was strong, but his real strength was in the kitchen where he created the gyro for a family picnic many moons ago. But we digress.

The LTO was Quiznos’ most successful LTO to date, so they brought us onboard to craft all of their digital promos and LTOs for 2018. This comprehensive new campaign built off the success of Gyrocles, both creatively and strategically. The work was optimized for various channels with a variety ranging from :60s to :15s and :06s. Lobster LTOs, Loyalty, Toasty Deal of the Day, Order Ahead, Catering, Pork LTO, and BOGO.

The Creative

Who better to solve your hunger woes than history’s most legendary sandwich seer, Quiznostradamus? We introduced Quiz (as his best buds call him) along with a cast of misfits and ne’er do wells who all share a love for toasty deliciousness. For the sheer amount of content and for continuity, we created a backstory for each of our characters— including Galimayo (a Renaissance man and artisanal mayo purveyor), Socracheese (a stealthy, slightly stalkerish lover of dairy products), and Sigmund Roid (a workout fanatic with a PhD in sandwich therapy). We baked a look rooted in the 1500s (give or take a millennia) and modernized for 2018. Then we got to work on the schedule to ensure a steady flow from scripting to animation and post. Only Quiznostradamus himself could predict the results (with reasonable accuracy).

The Response

It all started here:

And the response for 2018 has been fantastic. The ‘true view’ rates for the videos saw a significant uptick, as high as 48% for the top performers. Meaning people are choosing to watch this content at a way higher rate than the average. In a world of exponentially decreasing attention spans, we (and the client) think this is a huge win.