Case Study

The Challenge

When a client calls asking for 12 videos in a month, you get pretty excited. You freak out for a second, and then you get really excited again because you know you can deliver something pretty amazing.

The Creative

Several late nights and take-out meals later, we did just that, with a series of videos that introduced new products, reintroduced some familiar ones and gave their entire brand a more upscale, yet relatable vibe.

We scripted the spots on the fly, each one focused on achieving a specific objective and building towards a cohesive look and feel for our family of videos. The tone of voice was elevated, but approachable, bringing the products to life in a memorable way.


We packed pre-production for our 3 shoot days into about a week, finalizing casting, locations, props and set design in rapid collaboration with the client. We captured a ton of footage to give us maximum flexibility in the edit and to provide a vast library of assets (video and still) for future use.

Post-production was brisk, and we set up daily calls with the client to mark our progress and incorporate feedback. We had our VFX team working 'round the clock as well, developing on-screen graphics and end card animations for each video.

We did a full mix with music, SFX and VO for each spot. Did we mention that our VO artist also happens to be the voice of HGTV? Yes, that’s why she sounds so familiar (and awesome).

Ultimately, we delivered all 12 videos just weeks after our initial briefing and Tile was able to launch several new and updated products with a ton of great new content.

The Response

The client was thrilled with the work and our ability to turn all of it around in rapid fashion. Their launch was hugely successful and thousands of new Tiles are being sold each day. Not bad for a 5-week sprint to the finish line. And we still managed to have a ton of fun along the way.