A renegade brand needed to remind the world of their unique approach to toasty deliciousness. So we dug in and came up with a cast of characters built to tell this one-of-a-kind story. It started with Gyrocles, the god of mythical flavor. With a supporting cast that included the thrice-headed Hydramato and the half-gourd, half-horse, Cucator, this collection of videos helped lift sales of their Gyro LTO across all channels. The client was so pleased, they all dressed in Gyrocles-themed party attire for Halloween (check out the photo at the bottom of this page) in celebration.




The success of this launch called for an encore. And we were excited that Quiznos reach out to us for their entire 2018 campaign. So we dug through the history books and unearthed a little known hunger prognosticator named Quiznostradamus.




Equal parts sandwich seer and fashion maven, his story is legendary-ish. Just ask his best buds, Gallimayo, Socracheese and Cyclopasteve.




From lobster to pork to their toasty deal of the day, we created short :15 and :06 stories, which delivered a 50% increase in their “true view” video watch rates. And a few laughs along the way.