Constance Nunes ‘AVS2 Carburetor’ TV Spot

We’ve produced a variety of TV spots and digital promos for Edelbrock over the years with their in-house agency crew. From brand to more product-centric spots like this :30 with celebrity builder, Constance Nunes, we plug-in to make great things happen.

Keep It Cool Promo Video

For the 'Keep it Cool' Promo, we birthed a sequence of animated product videos tailored for both TV and digital advertising. To keep our budget lean, we leveraged product photos supplied by Edelbrock's team and cultivated a distinctive retro aesthetic for the animations. From concept to delivering digital masters, we were able to churn out these projects within a week, proving to be both time and cost-efficient.

‘In America’ TV Spot

The 'In America' project saw Edelbrock yearning for a brand spot that highlighted their latest E-Force Supercharger. We conceptualized a narrative that would capture the authentic bond shared across generations within the confines of a garage while subtly integrating the product. We penned the script and cast real-life automotive enthusiasts. Our "garage" set was a unique stage located in East LA, which provided an ideal backdrop for our art direction. According to the marketing squad, this turned out to be their most triumphant and beloved production of all time.

‘Vintage Parts’ TV Spot

As for the 'Vintage Parts' TV commercial, it was one of three product category launches. We aimed to spotlight real Edelbrock staff and utilize their authentic voices as the scripts' core. Filming took place on-site in Torrance, CA, and at the Edelbrock foundry in San Jacinto, CA. In our pre-production phase, we strategized to shoot the boards and secure library footage for future use.