Constance Nunes | AVS2 Carburetor

We collaborate with Edelbrock and their internal marketing and production team when they need some heavy product launch creative. From national TV spots to digital promos, we plug-in when they need us to concept and create the assets they need to help connect to their target audience.

Keep It Cool | Promo

We created a series of these animated product videos for TV and digital promotion. To keep costs down, we used product photography provided by the Edelbrock team and created a unique vintage style for animation. From concept to digital masters, we could kick these out in a week. Efficient and effective.

In America

Edelbrock was looking to create a brand spot that featured their new E-Force Supercharger. Our concept was to bring forth the authentic multi-generational  connection that transpires in the garage and to introduce the product organically. We wrote the spot and cast for real family enthusiasts. The “garage” is actually a very unique stage we found in East LA that had good bones for our art direction. According to the marketing team, this was the most successful (and their favorite spot) they’ve ever produced.

Vintage Parts

This TV spot was from a series of three product category launches. We wanted to feature real Edelbrock people and use their own words as the foundation for the scripts. We filmed on location in Torrance, CA and at the Edelbrock foundry in San Jacinto, CA. During pre-production, we planned to shoot the boards and gain valuable library footage for future use.