Curt is our fearless captain, diving headfirst into strategy, creative, and concept development for our clients. From the spark of an idea to the final touches on storyboards, he's in his element. He's all about the 3B's - Big ideas, Big impact, Big results. His mantra? Laser-like focus. Master your craft. Be the best. And, collaborate with awesome folks who want to do awesome things for awesome clients. Simple as that. And, it's been his guiding light for two decades now. Whenever we get too cozy, he shakes things up, reminding us that "greatness never transcends from comfort zones". Curt ensures we have all the ingredients for success: the right squad, the right tech, a dash of fun, a safe space to stumble, and a pinch of adrenaline – because that's where magic, hustle, and efficiency truly thrive.



Scott's our guru for everything that says 'action' at Merit/Andrew. He's the boss of colossal multi-year campaigns, small product launches, and everything in between. Scott's a hands-on creative both behind the camera and the edit bay. He’s a creative who thrives on collaboration with our deep bench of creatives and filmmakers. A proud alumnus of the Vancouver Film School, Scott has been conjuring up magic almost his entire life. With over 500 directorial projects under his belt and shelves of shiny hardware, Scott’s invaluable experience, knowledge and wisdom is tapped everyday to make visions become reality.



Big C brings it all to life. On brief. On time. On budget. Exceeding expectations and managing the people and the process—effortlessly. She’s been the “/” in Merit/Andrew since 2002 as the unsung hero that brings it all together. Over 1,000 productions under her belt, she’s helped prep Will Ferrell as a high school football coach, rocked out to AC/DC with Rob Riggle, had pistachios with R Lee Ermey, and been yelled at by Jane Lynch. Robert Mondavi called her “nails” (affectionately, of course). That stuck. Because if you want to know what it takes to be successful in this business. Nails.



Jake can be found anywhere the work sends him. He’s Caroline’s right hand making it happen behind the scenes on the big stuff and front and center on the other stuff. Jake was a tour manager for October Fall before getting into the film industry. We hired Jake as an AD on a WD-40/R Lee Ermey job back in 2010 and that was it. From 1-day product shoots to 40-day multi-state commercial beasts, Jake gets it done (flawlessly, with only minor spelling errors) with a laugh and a smile. He's got that gritty Chicago work ethic, an LA creative eye, and that New York no-nonsense 'let's get it done' attitude.


Animation's a big deal around here at Merit/Andrew, and Jason's been our resident wizard since 2010. If you've got an idea, Jason and his team can make it real. And if your imagination's on empty, he's got a full tank ready to go. He's always in the thick of things, sleeves rolled up, ready to dive into the impossible. Whether it's VFX, 2D, or 3D animation for TV, digital or experiential projects, Jason and his team have got it covered. He's a pro with the trickiest software, though he's hilariously bad at email and Google calendar. His spelling's a disaster too, so you know he's a certified CG rock star.


Michael's the oil in our Merit/Andrew machine - he's the wizard working magic behind the curtain. This guy's a multi-skilled maestro in post-production, wielding Avid, Premiere, and Resolve like a champ. Whether he's at the helm as editor or providing rock-solid support, his storytelling prowess and creativity shine through. But wait, there's more! Michael's also the guardian of our high-tech systems. From centralized servers for editing and animation to a hefty render farm and Quantum storage, he keeps them humming along smoothly from our Orange County, CA hub. Michael may be a behind-the-scenes hero, but his work guarantees every scene we put out there is pure gold.

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