Curt “Hollywood” Fleming | Fleet Admiral

As head of global operations, Curt’s strategic creative vision manifests into tactical ops carried out by the M/A squadron. While he’s highly decorated, he doesn’t believe in awards or medals. Hollywood believes in focus---it’s a simple formula of doing great work for great people in any dog fight. Victory is the only option.



Scott “Goose” Fleming | Lieutenant Commander of Live Action

When it comes to directing global omni-channel campaigns and ensuring we have the right squadron on the right missions, Scott is the commander of the live action skies---pushing the envelope--but never writing checks that his body can’t cash. He likes his pictures. He likes 4G inverted dives. And keeping up foreign relations.


Caroline “Maverick” Scott | Captain of Creative Production

Yeah, she was inverted. If you want to be successful in this business, you have to defy the odds, whether you are in a 4G inverted dive with a MiG-28 at 2 meters or in a 5G infotainment activation with an XR 28’ LED wall at 20 meters, it’s all about communicating. She’s dangerous. She’s not happy unless she’s going Mach 2 with her hair on fire. And you’re gonna want her as your wingman.



Jake “Ice Man” Klarkowski | Commander of Creative Ops

Ice Man flies wherever strategic operations require him to oversee ground ops. His mission is to execute the plans flawlessly. He’s a decorated officer that works closely with Goose and Mav. If you have an attitude. If you are dangerous. Foolish. Ice Man is gonna call you out because he doesn’t put up with (cough) bullsh*t!


Claire “Charlie” Markovsky | Captain of Clients

The Pentagon trusts Charlie and so do we. She’s the champion of our clients’ vision and in bringing all strategic and tactical operations together under one mission. She has a BA in Journalism and we’ve worked with her for over 7 years on over 100 product launch missions before bringing her into Central Command in 2017. She’s a civilian team lead, so you do not salute her.



Jason “Wolfman” Rapp | Officer of Animation

As Hollywood’s radar intercept officer (AKA rad animation artist), Wolfman is in charge of global design and animation operations. His squadron is highly skilled in non-lethal ground-to-ground weaponry, including: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, and Maya. These tools are employed regularly in almost all facets of day-to-day combat.

Jay “Slider” Lizarraga | Admiral of the Avid

There are no points for second place--that’s how Slider commands post ops. He’s instrumental in executing the flight plan from his station in the bunker. Slider is a highly decorated officer, keen in parsing through data to create brilliant results---results that can destroy the enemy.


Michael “Merlin” Belanger | Fleet Mechanic

When the MiGs bug out, Merlin takes over. He’s Slider’s RIO in post ops and the resident commander of IT. His arsenal is vast. Avid. Premier. Quantum. After Effects. He’s certified at the highest levels. When we need clear skies ahead, Merlin is the man.

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