We are a tight team of seasoned creatives. Creative directors. Art directors. Writers. Producers. Directors. Editors. Designers. Animators. And VFX artists.

We’ve helped our clients launch over 300 products/services in the last five years alone. Big budgets. Small budgets. Comprehensive integrated campaigns. Expendable little bits and bites. Most with tight timelines and a litany of creative assets for various channels.

As a team, we love. We listen. We empathize. We take the work seriously, and ourselves, not so much. And we never settle.


Curt Fleming | CEO / Partner

Born in Long Beach, CA. Had business cards at 10. Built models. Trains. Planes. Boats. During high school, he was the chief model builder at John Stewart Architects. Graduated with a B.A. in Entrepreneurial Studies from WWU. Curt helped build businesses for 20 years. His brother and best friend, Scott, was always close-by, usually over a BBQ laughing at Curt’s hilarious jokes and observations. Some fateful meetings in 2002 set the vision for a new type of studio. Today he steers the ship and plays an active role in creative, concept development and copywriting.

He’s a member of the IEC (International Executive Council) and an active family man. An avid traveler, wine and music enthusiast, hockey (Ducks, thank you very much) and Formula 1 freak. His latest passion is joinfightcamp.com where he enjoys beating up a large bag to start his day.



Scott Fleming | Director / Partner

Born in Long Beach, CA. President of Lynden Christian High School where he secured his legacy in a fight for the school’s first vending machines. Graduate of the esteemed Vancouver Film School. Motion graphics. DVD authoring (yup, that was a thing), Avid editorial. “Fix it in post” was a battle cry that helped shape the direction of our studio. Since founding Merit/Andrew in 2002, Scott has amassed over 300 directing credits, shelves of shiny awards, and extremely happy clients. Today he’s in charge of live action, either directing or working with other talented directors to bring visions into reality.

He’s a private pilot and a passionate BBQ and hot sauce enthusiast. Scott’s favorite place is at an elevation of 21’ in his backyard where he and his wife spend endless hours throwing the ball for their labradoodle, Mozzy.


Caroline Scott | Head of Production / Partner

Born and raised in Mission Viejo, CA. Director at OC’s Camp Frasier for 4 years where she learned to wrangle the immature early on. B.A. in Communications from CSUF and university mascot, Tuffy the Titan. 15 years in marketing/communications/events where her experience as a camp counselor and a mascot would prove invaluable. When Curt and Scott were looking for a partner to run production, well, she’s been the “/” ever since. Over 1,000 productions later, she’s helped Will Farrell with his package, listened to AC/DC with Rob Riggle, had nuts with R Lee Ermey, and been yelled at by Jane Lynch.

Caroline loves camping in her ‘78 Westy with her family and her poodle, Cleopatra. She’s President of the OC Roller Derby League, so when she’s not jammin on set or at home, she’s still jammin’.



Jason Rapp | Head of Animation & Design

He grew up in Orange County, CA and spent the better part of his youth doodling, painting, designing t-shirts and posters. Art school wasn’t a thing, yet. And then came Photoshop, After Effects and Cinema 4D. Alas, art and technology meet forging an entirely new industry. Pittard Sullivan was hiring and Jason leapt at the chance. He spent 12 years commuting to the big animation houses in LA where he would eventually lead animation teams creating broadcast packages for the NFL, ESPN, and the X Games. In 2010, exhausted from the 405, he sought a creative home in OC. The rest is history.

Claire Markovsky | Executive Director, Client Services

Born and raised in Orange County, CA. Dancing, singing, and performing from age 2 led to co-anchoring MDTV (Mater Dei TV) where she developed a passion for journalism. B.A. in Journalism from the University of Arizona. VP of sorority Alpha Phi, and CEO of all things OCD. Claire started in PR and won a Bulldog award for a Bosch & Porsche media event. She moved into events, then marketing/advertising where she spent most of her career managing clients like the CA Lottery, Petco, Logitech, LG Mobile, IHOP, First American, and Coco’s/Carrows. We worked with Claire for almost 7 years. 150+ projects later, she was looking for a new opportunity and voila. Today, she makes sure our clients are very happy. And they are.

She’s an active mom of two and spends her “quiet time” on her Peloton. There’s no room for downtime for Claire. It’s simply not on the schedule (that she created and manages).



Afshin Maleki | CFO

Born in Tehran, Iran and raised in Huntington Beach, CA. Before taking his first step, Afshin was counting his toes. By the age of three he could count all the way to 100. B.A. in Accounting from CSUF. 17 years in public and private accounting with vast experience in finance and business operations. He brings big company systems and process to our studio to make sure things run smoothly. It’s safe to say we count on him for everything.

He’s a passionate amateur photographer, a lover of tequila and our “go to” for all Middle Eastern cuisine.

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