‘Brand Film’


Serving 300 airlines and 1.8 billion passengers each year, Panasonic Avionics is the leader in in-flight entertainment and communications. What the company was missing was a culture piece. Formative meetings all centered around looking beyond features and benefits to put a face to the organization and capture the passion and the breadth of this global company.

We dug in to identify people who were doing great work around the world in key disciplines. As we interviewed employees, the story started to come together. These were people truly inspired and they all had a passion for flying. This project would take us to Osaka, Brisbane, Amsterdam, London, and Lake Forest, CA. As we assessed the production, we looked to start building out a library of assets from around the world. Passenger lifestyle shots have always been a challenge: to get the right Panasonic system on the right plane in a place where we can take 10 hours for a shoot. So we used the opportunity at a big trade show in Anaheim, CA. Yup, all of the lifestyle was filmed on a trade show floor between 10pm and 4am.  We cut one version for general corporate use and one specifically for recruiting. Since then, we’ve employed the library assets in a myriad of productions for both Panasonic and Panasonic North America.