Winn Grip


Winn, pioneer of the most technologically advanced golf grips on the market, was looking for a new creative partner. They needed a team that could plug right in with strategy, creative, production, and post---ideally with golf experience, but not enough to be formulaic and predictable. Needless to say, we fit the bill. And we jumped right in.

Dri Tac 2.0

We did a lot of research before coming up with initial concepts. The category is fraught with sameness. Performance. Hit farther. Hit more accurately. Hit more consistently. Improve scores. All golf manufacturers have the same message--and for a good reason. We don’t blame them, but it all kinda looks the same on the Golf Channel.

Our goal was to stand out. Be a little clever. Be aspirational, but achievable. And be memorable. The deliverables were a brand :60 (+ :30 cutdown) and a product centric :60 (+ :30 cutdown) for broadcast.