‘Share the Exceptional’


Share-the-Exceptional is a campaign aimed at engaging and activating the culinary enthusiast in each of us to share our most exceptional culinary moments via photo, video, or text on the Share the Exceptional microsite.

We wanted the moments we were creating in the spot to stem from a place of discovery, wonder, and adventure, all while keeping both an approachable and elevated feel.

Working closely with E/LA, we created a tight animatic that laid out the spot, shot by shot. A big challenge was determining what food we should showcase, as the possibilities are endless. We wanted a blend of approachable dishes that you could see yourself making at home, as well as elevated dishes that you would aspire to create. White on Rice Couple joined us as the food prep and styling team, showing us what we could and should make. Many glasses of wine were shared as we crafted the perfect menu for the shoot.

When it came time to cast, we looked extensively to find people with natural chemistry, while searching for a home with diverse environments, showered in natural light, with a beautiful backyard, and Thermador appliances, (not a small ask!). We shot the spot using the Alexa with Cooke S4 lenses and color by Santi, which brought out the detail and flavor in each scene. Greg Kuehn from Peligro Music and Sound composed the score to compliment the story and visuals. We then took this spot and cut it into a :15 and :30-second video, which are both being used as pre-roll to drive people to the microsite.

The result: a mouth-watering spot full of adventure, relationships, and exceptional creations.


‘Rhythm of the Kitchen’


To commemorate Thermador’s spot as the heart of the American kitchen for 100 years, E/LA created an innovative national commercial celebrating the lifestyle of today’s culinary enthusiast.

The cleverness of the spot Rhythm of the Kitchen was hinged on creating a score based on the natural sounds of the kitchen to organically drive the story forward.

While we always aim for elated clients, this spot also won a gold ADDY for best sound design.

Now that’s music to our ears!