As a steward for road safety, AAA was looking to make an impact on distracted driving in 2018. The stats of injuries and deaths were climbing, and for the most part, nobody was listening. While we knew we wouldn’t reach everybody, we knew if we did it right, we’d be able to make an impact. Even with a small media budget.

We started with research and looking at the behaviors that drive distracted driving. We looked into how it parallels drunk driving and how that campaign has affected real change. After much ideation and concepting, it made good sense to leverage 50 years of drunk driving messaging to help fight this very new problem. So, Don’t Drive Intoxicated. Don’t Drive Intexticated. was born. If we could make texting and driving as taboo as drinking and driving, we’d not only gain valuable PR for our client, we’d save lives.

The omni-channel campaign consisted of TV commercials, radio, print, in-store, and new messaging on every AAA car and truck in the fleet.

In all, the initial campaign generated more than 102 million impressions. The TV spot had nearly 25,000 airings on top spot TV stations and highly rated cable properties. Further, it was reported that the campaign had a positive lift in distracted driving awareness from 8% to 25% in California, and from 2% to 14% in other markets.

In 2020, we filmed new TV creative for this campaign. It’s currently in post production.