‘True Wireless Earbuds’


This hi-fi audio brand most widely known for it’s SL-1200 DJ turntable was looking for a creative campaign to launch their new and highly anticipated true wireless earbuds. With over five decades of delivering innovations in the market, Technics was well poised with audiophile enthusiasts. 

Key to this endeavor was carving out our target market in a fairly crowded space. We worked closely with the marketing team at Panasonic North America and a partner agency who would help us to test messaging across various digital channels to “get there” quickly. The big question was how much could we move the Apple needle when AirPods had 80% of the iOS market? 

To hit our launch date we’d have to use assumptions and formative research to start the creative process while we went into testing. We didn’t have time to wait three weeks. 

The results gave us some good insights and confirmed our initial thoughts around this heritage brand. Armed with all of the information, we honed the creative.

And then, Covid-19 hit. Everything was put on ice. But under quarantine, the opportunity for Technics was still huge with people needing new/better audio solutions at home. While Panasonic was reviewing their options and aligning with the global teams, we re-imagined the creative. Our solution was to use stock footage and to composite the product into the shots, amongst some other more minor and uncompromising tweaks. By pivoting to a post only creative execution, we could not only push forward, but we could stay on budget and deliver in the same timeframe.  

We delivered the news to Panasonic in mid-April and we were back in production within weeks with a new target launch of July 1, 2020. 

In the end, we delivered a litany of still and video assets to support this launch.