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Falken Tire | Behind The Pixels

Falken Tire wanted to shake things up for their tire launches. We kicked things off by diving into a variety of creative concepts, from clever comedy to celebrity spokespersons, eventually focusing in on a more product-centric vibe. We liked the idea of XR (extended reality) production as we could create custom sets that would align with each tire while maintaining a very cohesive look.

Falken Tire | ‘Wildpeak AT Trail’ TV Spot

As we explored and did some R&D, we started leaning toward the idea of building everything in CG. By opting for animation over the high-dollar XR production, we could craft custom sets that were just what we wanted and create efficiencies across all launches.

Falken Tire | FK460 Year Round Performance TV Spot

Tapping into the virtual screen allowed us to composite killer lifestyle footage filmed by the Falken Tire crew. And creating the cars in CG? More flexibility and more savings! Plus, real tires don’t look all that cool when they’re not on a rim. CG made the tires look amazing and heroic without the confines of the rim.

Falken Tire | ‘Wildpeak Family’ TV Spot

Falken Tire has got something for every car, road, and weather condition. Our first launch? The Azenis FK460 Ultra-High Performance All-Season Tire.

Falken Tire | ‘Branding’ TV Spot

We roll out each tire launch with a :30 and a :15, perfect for promotion across all channels. Check them out and see some of work in the wild at falkentire.com

Falken Tire
Falken Tire
Falken Tire