Health Net

Campaign Montage

Health Net was on the hunt for a creative production shop to build a fresh new campaign for California. While TV was the driving force, we were also tasked with building out a more comprehensive content package to include digital ads, print, outdoor (OOH), and bus wraps. Health Net’s in-house agency team dug our production savvy studio setup and that we would bring some new “out of the box” thinking.

The lynchpin to the creative was Health Net’s value proposition to provide healthcare for every phase of life. That's how Journey came to be – super authentic and relatable. First, we created an anthem piece to help align the team at Health Net. After working through tone, tempo, and messaging this became our north star for all creative.

‘Journey’ Super Bowl TV Spot

“Journey” was our first brand spot. Initial testing exceeded expectations, so the Health Net team carved out some serious dough for a Super Bowl launch, lighting up screens all over the Golden State.

We pushed the creative (sometimes beyond the comfort bubble!) to inject some personality into the brand. Our goal was to invite people in with a sense of purpose. To share the belief that everyone deserves coverage in every stage of life. And to be more memorable in the space.

Medicare Direct Response TV Spot

Key to our long-term success was to build a variety of library assets and modular creative to maximize the budgets. We designed everything so we could easily switch things around for brand, DR, Medicare, Medi-Cal, and more. Smart and efficient!

The manifesto that everyone deserves coverage was delivered across all channels from print to digital.

Medi-Cal ‘Los Angeles’ TV Spot

Health Net was thrilled with the collaboration and the results. Our three year journey came to an end when the parent company (Centene) moved the creative our of CA. Want to see what Health Net's VP of Marketing thought? Check out the review!

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