Leon Bridges + Technics Case Study

After a huge win with the Cold War Kids campaign, we were revved up for the Technics True Wireless Earbud v2.0 launch. The game plan stayed the same – find a musician who's a hardcore Technics fan and who fits our demographic. After a lot of pitches from various labels, we went out on our own and found  Grammy Award-winner Leon Bridges. Talented, down-to-earth, stylish and with an upcoming album and big social following. The biggest question – is he a Technics fan, can we afford him, and would his team at Mick Management be game? The answer was yes to all. Let's roll.

Technics | Leon Bridges Product Launch Video

We wanted a rich content package with a longer brand piece, product-focused snippets, social videos, still photography, and a "travel story" with Leon and the earbuds on tour. The first step was to send Leon the new earbuds. He loved them (whew), and we got to work with Mick Management on the content strategy and logistics.

Technics | Leon Bridges :30

We teamed up with music video director, Brantley Gutierrez, for the main creative piece, filmed on Leon’s tour in Denver. Finding a perfect interview location was tricky, but Brantley hooked us up with his buddy Nathaniel Rateliff's house/studio. We also shot some b-roll at The Mission Ballroom and used footage from Leon’s trusted photographer, Cedrick Jones.

Technics | Social Content

Our ads on Meta (IG, Facebook) and YouTube got over 15K monthly impressions, with a solid CTR of 2.03% to 4.59% and 1.53% to 2.62%. YouTube's Video Completion Rates were impressive too. Panasonic said they were some of the best-performing assets they'd ever had, driving customers to their Amazon store. A killer product, and an equally killer campaign.