Defense Wins Championships | Dunk

The creative team at TBWAChiatDay created a concept to promote the Nissan Altima’s safety record during the NBA Finals. The (2) :30s feature the Altima sitting heroically on center court as the end of game buzzer goes off. In Dunk, a celebratory Gatorade dump on the VIP player (the Altima) would require over 60 gallons of blue liquid to be splashed down on the vehicle. We knew shooting this on a practical court was out of the question. The 2nd spot, Confetti, would require large confetti cannons and CO2 blasters.

Defense Wins Championships | Confetti

We modeled and pre-vizualized the spots in Cinema 4D to determine the size of the stage we’d need, camera angle, lighting rigs and what we’d do practically versus CG. The water dump would have to be one take, so we brought aboard the TLC Creative Special Effects crew in pre-pro to help plan for the shots. TLC is the official special effects company for the Los Angeles Lakers, so they brought in many of the nuances we needed to pull off the courtside effects.

Defense Wins Championships | Behind the Scenes

We filmed the vehicles on a stage with very high ceilings and a low camera angle to maximize the waterfall dumping effect on the car. The court flooring was designed and printed on a vinyl adhesive (a challenging task under our tight timeframe) and floor extensions were done in post. The rest of the set is CG. All finishing/color was done in house using After Effects.