Defense Wins Championships | ‘Dunk’ Digital Spot

TBWA\Chiat\Day had this genius concept to highlight Nissan Altima's safety record during the NBA Finals: two 30-second spots with the Altima on center court at the final buzzer. In "Dunk," it gets drenched with 60 gallons of Gatorade... 

Defense Wins Championships | ‘Confetti’ Digital Spot

...while "Confetti" uses cannons and CO2 blasters.

Defense Wins Championships | Behind the Pixels

We used Cinema 4D to model and pre-visualize, determining the stage size, camera angle, lighting, and the split between real and CG elements. To help us plan for the 60 gallon water dump, we brought in the Lakers official SFX crew, TLC Creative Special Effects. We shot the cars on a stage with high ceilings, a low camera angle, and a vinyl adhesive court floor. The rest? Pure CG, with finishing and coloring in-house using After Effects. Result? Pure magic!