‘Gyrocles’ Digital Spot

So, this underdog brand wanted to remind the world they're no ordinary sandwich makers, and they had a new limited-time offer that folks couldn’t just pass up. But here's the catch: we couldn't film the food or ingredients because of budget constraints. We had to roll with existing photos. So, we got creative and gave life to an epic backstory for the delectable new Quiznos Gyro.

Enter Gyrocles, the deity of legendary flavor. Together with the quirky Hydramato (a three-headed tomato beast) and Cucator, a half-cucumber, half-horse creature, we pulled off the most successful promo Quiznos had ever seen. The folks at Quiznos loved it so much, they even rocked Gyrocles-themed outfits for Halloween (have a peek at their photo at the bottom of the page).

Our awesome launch had the crowd demanding an encore, so Quiznos handed us all their digital promotions for 2018-2019.

‘Quiznostradamus’ Digital Spot

That's when Quiznostradamus came into the scene, a sandwich psychic and a trendsetter rolled into one. His legend? Predicting hunger. His pals? Meet Gallimayo, Socracheese, and Cyclopasteve.

‘Lobster’ Digital Spot

We crafted a bunch of bite-sized stories, 30-second and 15-second ads, and 6-second tales, featuring everything from lobsters to pork to their daily deals. 

‘Buyeth’ Digital Spot

Quiznos saw a 50% increase in the "true view" video watch rates, blowing away all prior results. They were stoked with the ROI, so we celebrated with a BLT!