Bosch | ‘Home Appliances’ Product Videos

Bosch found themselves in a bit of a pickle with a mishmash of outdated product assets and shiny new products that had zilch for promotional stuff. With a brand new website in the works, they were on the hunt for a partner to help them smooth things out and elevate their customer interaction with straightforward and effective product videos.

Now, shooting products in real kitchens or sets can burn a hole in the pocket, so we teamed up with Bosch to create three ultra-realistic CG kitchens. These were the perfect backdrop for showcasing 22 products. When you're dealing with photo-real product animation, you gotta nail those shadows and tiny imperfections to get that genuine feel. Product managers are naturally keen on their products looking spot-on, which sparked lively discussions on how to present their brand in this fresh start. In the end, we went for a more hyper-real look.

The result? Over 30 feature videos and a litany of high-res images ready for their new site and sales channel. Talk about a makeover!