Windows 10

Toshiba wanted to showcase their newly designed laptops with authentic story-based creative. The product line had been built around Windows 10 and Toshiba needed to build some momentum for the launch just prior to the school year.

We concepted a campaign around a travel story where we could demonstrate capabilities in various environments. These scenarios would unfold up the California Coast from San Clemente to Santa Cruz.

The type of docu-style production with the budget didn’t make sense to have the client or a big crew. To ensure we were aligned with production, we wrote out a script and storyboarded all key scenes.

We delivered a long format piece, a :60 cutdown, and a text-only version for other markets. During production we sent behind-the-scenes pictures for the agency to build social momentum (Julie Cox is a well-known surfer and entrepreneur). The assets were placed across various channels for retail, POS, and online.