‘Windows 10’ Product Campaign Video

Toshiba was launching a line of consumer laptops that were built and optimized around Windows 10 and they wanted to show them being used in a genuine, story-driven campaign. 

Our game plan was to find talent that we could write a travel story around to see the Toshiba products out in the wild. The product line was perfect for mobile content creation and we loved the idea of sending out a small film crew with the Toshiba products. So the concept would be essentially be a film crew filming a film crew. Wild. 

We just needed an interesting subject to follow. So we thought, what if we had a female longboarder and set it against the backdrop of the California coast? We realized we had the perfect person and a connection to surfer/entrepreneur, Julie Cox. Toshiba loved the idea so we got to work. We storyboarded the main scenes to get approvals and filmed this venture “docu-style” over four days from San Clemente to Santa Cruz.

We delivered a long form video, a trimmed-down 60-second version and a text-only cut for other markets. The campaign was unveiled across digital, retail, POS, and social channels.

This was just one of over forty launches we produced with our friends at Toshiba during a four year period until they decided to sell off all their B2C product lines. Sigh. It was an awesome run for all of us.