‘Windows 10’ Product Campaign Video

Toshiba had a whole line of consumer laptops (and devices) they wanted to show off with some genuine, story-driven creative magic. The whole product line was built around Windows 10, and Toshiba needed to get the ball rolling for the launch right before school bells started ringing.

Our game plan? Whip up a campaign revolving around a travel story where we could show off what these laptops could do in a variety of settings. We took this story up the California Coast with famous surfer/entrepreneur, Julie Cox, from sunny San Clemente all the way to Santa Cruz.

We delivered a full-length piece, a trimmed-down 60-second version and a text-only cut for other markets. The campaign we created found homes across digital, retail, POS, and social channels.

This was just one of the gazillion projects we pumped out with Toshiba's in-house agency over the years until they decided to sell off all their B2C product lines. Sigh. It was an awesome run.