Rhythm of the Kitchen

To commemorate Thermador’s spot as the heart of the American kitchen for 100 years, agency E/LA concepted an innovative commercial spot celebrating the lifestyle of today’s culinary enthusiast.

To accommodate various campaign assets for videos and still, we designed and built the modular kitchen set on a stage. This allowed Thermador the ability to easily change out appliances and use the set beyond the one production for digital and social assets.

The cleverness of the spot hinged on creating a score based on the natural sounds of the kitchen. We needed to choreograph these sounds to create our music bed well in advance of the shoot, so we built an animatic with a library of sound effects to help align our approach to production. This approach enabled us to craft the right recipes with our food stylists and a tight shot list.

We aligned early on with our team at Formosa Music Group (now Technicolor). With a rough cut in hand, they were able to work their magic, which garnered a gold ADDY for best sound design.

Now that’s music to our ears!