‘The Tile Family’ Product Video

Tile wanted to roll out new products while bringing a unified look to their line. Over time, the creative content had started feeling a bit patchy as the brand had morphed through different creative visions. So, what started as three product launches quickly turned into a whirlwind of 12 product videos. All within the same tight timeline of a month. Yikes. It was time to hustle, find economies of scale, and nail down that fresh look and feel.

We had to think outside the box to beat the clock. We like process, but sometimes you gotta break it to hit your goals. We got all teams working together in unison, with creative hammering out a video style guide and scripts, production scouting for potential cast and locations, and post-production crafting a graphic look to tie it all together. Luckily, having a studio where everyone could work together made it all doable. Plus, having an awesome client who trusted the process and was ready for daily rapid-fire decision making was a godsend.

‘Premium’ Product Video

Everything hinged on us being clever about how we lined up the products and product families so we could reuse footage smartly. We also hunted for opportunities to score some great lifestyle clips and still images. We wanted to be sure we'd have all the launch assets we needed, plus a bit of a stash for down the line.

‘Search Party’ Product Video

We squeezed prep for our 3-day shoot into about a week, wrapping up casting, finding locations, sorting props and set design, all while working closely with the client to get almost real-time approvals. We ended up with a mountain of footage to give us plenty of choices in the editing phase and a huge stash of assets (both video and photos) for later use.

Post-production was a sprint, but our well-drawn game plan helped keep us right in line.

In the end, we delivered all 12 videos just a few weeks after our first meeting, and Tile could launch their new products with a fresh, uniform look and feel across all their digital channels.

They were over the moon. And so were we.