Tile | Family

Tile was looking to launch new products and to gain a cohesive look across the entire line. Over the years, the creative content was starting to look a bit disparate as the brand had evolved through various creative lenses. So, three new product launches turned into 12 new product videos pretty quickly. There would be some natural economies of scale, but the timeline was the same--one month. Yikes. Time to get to work and figure out that new look/feel.

Our approach here would have to be non-traditional to meet the deadline. We’d have to get all teams working simultaneously with creative rolling on a video style guide and scripting, production rolling with potential cast, locations, art direction, etc., and post rolling with a graphic look that might tie it all together. The advantage of having a studio with everyone under one roof made this all possible. And a cool client that was willing to trust the process and jump on the phone daily with us to make quick decisions.

Tile | Premium

Our success hinged on aligning the products and product families together to repurpose footage in a smart way. We also looked for ways to gain valuable lifestyle library footage, along with still imagery to ensure we’d have all of the assets for launch and for the foreseeable future.

Tile | Search Party

We packed pre-production for our 3 shoot days into about a week, finalizing casting, locations, props and set design in rapid collaboration with the client. We captured a ton of footage to give us maximum flexibility in the edit and to provide a vast library of assets (video and still) for future use.

Post-production was brisk, but achievable with our well laid out plan. Scripts were boarded out and a lot of the key elements were pre-built and pre-selected to save time on the back end. Our VFX team worked around the clock to implement the graphic animations. There was no way around that!

Ultimately, we delivered all 12 videos just weeks after our initial briefing and Tile was able to launch their new products with a whole new shiny look and feel across all digital channels.

They were thrilled. And so were we.